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Offering the service you need to keep your safety cabinets running smoothly


The team of top engineers employed by Walkers Safety Cabinets is a cut above the teams you’ll find elsewhere. It’s not just a question of technical know-how and up to 30 years of experience, nor is it simply because every member of our team shares a commitment to working for a family run company with an ethos of customer service. All that is true, but just as important is the fact that our engineers don’t work on commission. They don’t depend upon inflating every job to include as many parts and as much labour as possible, because they only thing they care about is delivering excellence for our clients. If the work is quick and easy, they’ll say so, and if we can talk you through a quick fix over the phone then we’ll do so, and we won’t even charge you.

Staying Power


Walker Safety Cabinet Servicing

We know that even the best, most expensive state of the art safety cabinet can malfunction from time to time, particularly given the harsh environment in which it might have to operate. We’ll travel as quickly as possible to your place of work, and do whatever it takes to keep your equipment performing to optimum effectiveness. In an age of disposable apparatus and quick-fix solutions, we believe in quality, durability and value, and we work closely with every client to make sure their safety cabinets are as reliable and effective as they were on the day when they were purchased. The best parts, the finest engineers and a commitment to quality, that’s the Walkers promise and it’s a promise which every member of the team works hard each day to meet.

Whether you need a regular service, an emergency repair or a complete system overhaul, get in touch with us today and we’ll discuss your requirements and explain exactly how we can help you.