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Our new self-contained unit is designed to make fumigating your re-circulating safety cabinet easier than ever.


Fumigation UnitIf you have a re-circulating safety cabinet, which you cannot fumigate due to its location, then we may be able to help you with our new All-in-One Fumigation Unit.  This self-contained, ‘Plug & Go’ unit incorporates carbon granules and formalin, and plugs into a standard socket.

Included within the unit’s landmark features are:

internal timer

A built in delay timer allows formaldehyde to be inside the cabinet for 6-hours before beginning the extract.

delayed start

The unit has an in-built start delay, allowing the operator to seal the cabinet prior to commencement of fumigation.

boiler indicator

A red LED indicator signals when the unit is boiling off the formalin.

carbon granules

Easy to load tray, which uses a ready-measured quantity of granules specific for formaldehyde.

compact and simple

With handles on each side of the unit it is easy to lift in and out of the cabinet.
Weight: 12kg.

slim design

Can be inserted through a 200mm aperture in the cabinet.


An integrated fan draws air through the carbon and then exhausts it via the rear of the unit to assist air circulation within the cabinet.

first of its kind

This is the first unit of its type to use this innovative method of re-circulating fumigation extraction and it has undergone rigorous testing by a number of top universities and research establishments, as well as by our own in-house performance testing department.

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