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safety cabinets - laminar flows


Designed to offer ultimate product protection whilst providing an exceptional level of operator security.


Walker laminar flow cabinets offer you the ultimate product protection and are designed to exceed the requirements of BS EN ISO 14664-1 in the most crucial areas. Thanks to our many years of successful partnership projects with some of the world’s most experienced laboratory staff, these top quality cabinets are amongst the very best you can obtain.

The Walker horizontal laminar flow system offers enhanced product protection by directing a steady stream of sterile air outward towards the operator and so provides a sterile blanket of laminar air for the end product. (These units can be provided in either bench mounted or freestanding form).


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Here you can see some of our products.  Click on the images for further details, but remember, everything we produce is an individually customised commission.

Horizonal Laminar Flow
Horizonal Laminar Flow
Generation 6 Horizonal Laminar Flow


The Walker vertical laminar flow system offers an exceptional level of product protection whilst providing an acceptable degree of protection for the operator. This cabinet may be used for products, which, whilst not hazardous to the operator, may cause some irritation.

Both these cabinets can be made to your own specifications, and we are happy to cooperate with you to provide whatever special requirements are needed.


Standard Features

Operator Comfort

Sloping Front Screen with smooth front aerofoil (VLF)

Easy Cleaning

No Sharp Edges with a simple one piece sliding tray (VLF)

Silent Running

Interior airflow design incorporates Acoustic noise reduction techniques


Stainless steel interior and a solid welded body


Two years parts and labour warranty

British Standard

All models exceed BS5295


Free delivery, installation and commissioning anywhere in the mainland UK


All our Laminar flow cabinets feature the 'switch on and start' operating system and are available with a number of options, including: UV light, Gas Tap and Vacuum Tap.


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