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Every isolator we produce is designed and engineered to satisfy the individual needs of our customer.


Isolators have been described as low cost, ‘reduced-spec’ versions of Class III safety cabinets.  We don’t subscribe to that.  Our view is that isolators have an equally important role to play in many laboratory situations.  Each one is individually designed and built to incorporate all the features and functions our customers require to guarantee a safe and controlled environment that ensures maximum protection, comfort and convenience, both for the cabinet contents and for the operators.

Our design decisions always take into account space availability and other lab ergonomics, along with specifications such as flexible or rigid construction, transfer and docking hatches, and even cameras.  We can incorporate ducted or re-circulating air control and up to 20 air changes per hour and we can also design and manufacture a full range of control and monitoring systems.  This is why WSC isolators remain the equipment of choice in laboratories handling a diversity of processes from live specimens to contaminated blood.  WSC also provides an excellent repair and servicing facility for any make of isolator.


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Here you can see some of our products.  Click on the images for further details, but remember, everything we produce is an individually customised commission.

Cytotoxic Isolator


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