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safety cabinets - fume cupboard


We can provide either ducted or re-circulating designs depending entirely on your requirements.


The concept behind the design and use of fume cupboards is relatively simple and straightforward.  They are there to contain and extract fumes so that they do not present any form of health and safety risk to the operator or the laboratory environment.  We have designed and installed hundreds of fume cupboards for companies and organizations all over the world and although they all incorporate broadly similar features and functions, we are generally required to customise the designs to suit the particular location, space availability and of course the nature and properties of the processes involved.

Most of the fume cupboards we build and supply incorporate a ducted design to prevent fumes from polluting the laboratory area by exhausting them to atmosphere.  Where circumstances dictate and processes allow, however, we can design and build re-circulating fume cupboards that use high-performance filter units.  We strongly recommend you speak to us before deciding on the type and model of fume cupboard you should be specifying.


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