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Designed to guarantee the ultimate level of safety and security - against leakage, health risks … and acts of terrorism.


WSC are now rightly regarded as designers and engineers of some of the highest quality containment suites available anywhere in the world.  All our specifications comply with Level 3 or Level 4 criteria and we have developed the most efficient air handling systems with up to 20 air changes per hour, plus a full range of advanced temperature and humidity controls.  Many of our containment suites are designed on a cascade principle with each ‘room’ being governed at a lower negative pressure than the outer one to guarantee constant fail-safe containment levels. The WSC Fast Acting Flow Reactors (FAFR) automatically monitor and maintain pre-defined air pressures at all times.


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Here you can see some of our products.  Click on the images for further details, but remember, everything we produce is an individually customised commission.

Containment 4 Lab
Containment 4 Lab


WSC have established a dedicated design team and all containment equipment is engineered in our own workshops to standards that can now conform to the very latest anti-terrorism regulations.  We are qualified to service, repair and maintain any system, including ‘lab-sealing’ and we are authorised to provide Clean Room Validation and Certification.

If proof was needed to confirm our standards and status, among recent projects are containment suites for The National Institute of Medical Research, and The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.  Two of the most highly respected, and most demanding scientific research establishments in the world.


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