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safety cabinets - class II


Class II compliance demands protection for both the operator and the product that is being handled.


Walker Safety Cabinets offer a choice of re-circulating and exhaust type Class II microbiological safety cabinets, both of which are fitted with high efficient particulate air (hepa) filtration systems. Although we can manufacture a standard Class II safety cabinet, most of our equipment is custom designed and engineered to match a customer’s exact requirements. Among the many options we offer are transfer hatches.

Walker Class II Safety Cabinets are available with two types of control panel:

The Analogue control panel, with easy to operate push buttons, makes this the cabinet of choice for those people who just wish to switch on and start. It features a direct reading air pressure magnehelic gauge, which is directly connected to the alarm system giving a true, audible and visual indication of both safe and unsafe operating environments.

The Digital control panel, with its membrane 'touch' buttons, features instant indication of a safe or unsafe working environment with audible alarm for exhaust and downflow air. An optional feature of this system is the automatic fumigation sequence, which will fumigate and vent the cabinet at the touch of a button.  It provides high technology features that are easy to use and simple to understand.


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Available models are recirculating, exhaust, thimble and bypass. Widths 990, 1290, 1590 & 1830. We can make alternative widths and heights on request to suit your requirements.

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