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We can design, build and install the precision apparatus that will meet all your most critical requirements.


We have been designing and manufacturing the most advanced safety cabinet technology for over 20-years and throughout that time our equipment has been involved in the handling of what can only be described as some of the most sensitive, precious and potentially hazardous substances on the planet.  The sole reason that we are still so successful today, and why our clean room equipment remains in such high demand in laboratories throughout all areas of the world, is that our knowledge, our design skills and the standards of our engineering are simply second to none.

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Here you can see some of our products.  Click on the images for further details, but remember, everything we produce is an individually customised commission.

IVF Controls
2000 Wide Class 1 for Astra Zeneca
2000 Wide Class 1 for Astra Zeneca


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We recommend that you speak to us at the earliest opportunity so that we can share our knowledge with you when it comes to specifying requirements or if you want us to incorporate any specialised equipment such as robots, colony pickers or cameras etc.  We will then produce highly detailed design proposals that not only identify every aspect of construction and the operational functions, but will crucially confirm the precise levels of performance and compliance.  All apparatus, from the smallest units to the largest cabinets designed to house really big equipment, is manufactured in our own workshop where it is thoroughly tested, before being installed and certified prior to commissioning.


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If you would like to discuss the technical performance you’re looking for, together with the specifications you require for your containment apparatus, please contact us.


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