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drug recovery


Undoubtedly the most efficient and operator-friendly system there is, no wonder it is now so popular.


Drug Recovery ToiletDrug recovery toilets are perhaps something you don’t immediately associate with Walker Safety Cabinets, but when we were approached to ‘build a better specimen isolation unit’ our experience in containment and operator safety enabled us to develop what is now acknowledged as being the best on the market.  No wonder these toilets are currently being installed on behalf of HM Revenue & Customs at airports and police stations all over the UK, as well as in strategic locations throughout the world.

Every unit is custom designed and built to fit the size of the room available.  More importantly though, they provide an ultra reliable method of drug recovery that is safe, clean, odour-free, easy and efficient to use.  The glove box is fully isolated from the toilet, which remains fully visible at all times behind a secure dividing screen.  The toilets are maintained under negative pressure and incorporate double HEPA filters, plus single carbon filters on the exhaust to guarantee maximum protection from viruses and odours.

Specimen Isolation UnitThe entire unit is constructed from high-grade stainless steel together with a high-tech, impact-resistant safety and security plastic screening that will also withstand extremes of temperature, yet they are still most impressively priced for exceptional value for money.



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