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A top quality after sales service is just as crucial as the quality of the apparatus itself.


At Walker Safety Cabinets we really do pride ourselves on the maintenance and servicing facilities we provide.  Even though the design and build quality of our equipment is so highly acclaimed in laboratories around the world, like any piece of equipment involving mechanical and electronic components, they require occasional maintenance and sometimes repairs.  The difference between us and some other equipment suppliers, however, is that our service team doesn’t receive commission for any new work they bring in.  Their incentive is customer satisfaction. So they’ll never just ‘find’ faults simply so they can sell you another service visit along with one or two expensive replacement parts.  Should you require it, we also offer a full removal, relocation and installation facility for any new components or cabinets.

Walker Safety Cabinet Servicing

The other aspect of our service that customers appreciate is that they know they can speak to us at virtually any time should they wish to discuss a problem, a concern, or even if they need a bit of expert advice.  We provide this service free of charge and if we can solve a problem over the phone rather than by sending out a service engineer, we’re quite happy to do so.


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