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These superior quality products are designed and built for reliable operation anywhere in the world.


Cabinet RefurbishmentsWhen we design and manufacture our equipment we employ over-the-top engineering standards, plus the most robust materials, components and electronics.  Quality, not cost, is our mantra.  In other words we build them to do their job and we build them to last, and especially in countries where the environment and operating conditions may be less forgiving than elsewhere, these supreme quality standards make our apparatus some of the most reliable and efficient there are.

Like any piece of mechanical equipment, however, there may be times when it does require attention.  Rest assured that we can always provide replacement parts – and if we don’t have them in stock – then we’ll make them.  Our engineers are also available to visit a customer’s premises to carry out any necessary repairs.  Alternatively the unit can be returned to us for a factory based repair or service.

We recently had a unit come back into our workshops after 16-years of continual service, but after a minor overhaul and a few replacement parts it was returned to our customer as good as new and ready for another extended tour of duty.


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