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Walker safety cabinets have been specified by some of the most respected names in science.


Government organisations, universities, plus some of the biggest and best known pharmaceutical companies from all over the world, are numbered among our growing list of loyal customers who continue to rely on us to provide the high standards of containment apparatus they demand. Projects can range from a single bespoke cabinet to a full turnkey clean room system, but whatever it is they require, customers know that when they talk to Walker Safety Cabinets they can be confident that they are getting the best advice, the best products and the best after sales support there is.

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Take a look at some of our recent projects featured here. If you would like to discuss these, or talk about your own up and coming project, please contact us.


Case Study 01: Building Additional Anti-Intruder Security Into High Security Laboratories

Up until recently, the main criteria for a high security (Level 4) laboratory was to ensure that any dangerous bacteria, viruses or pathogens etc were not allowed to escape into the environment. Today however, with the increased danger of terrorist activity, the security specifications must now also include measures to counter the threat of malicious entry.

Designing an improved solution

At WSC we are highly regarded for the quality and performance of our laboratory construction to Level 4 Containment Standards. Today’s new Intruder Resistant Specifications though, now require that the laboratory must also be capable of resisting access by any unauthorised person using a specified number of hand tools, for a period of at least 30-minutes.

Drawing on our vast experience in designing, developing and manufacturing sealed laboratories and high-security scientific environments, we have created a method of construction that not merely complies, but surpasses every one of the official intruder resistant specifications.

Setting new standards

Recommendations for new Level 4 laboratory construction include the fabrication of a stainless steel box that would form a second, high-security ‘skin’ within the room.

This type of construction is extremely expensive to manufacture and install, and requires considerable on-site welding. Furthermore, the environment and atmosphere within the laboratory can cause the stainless steel to crack, thereby compromising its integrity and effectiveness.

At WSC our solution is to create an internal multi-layer wall using four separate internal wall linings within the room. Each liner being made from a different high-security material and being fitted independently from the others with a space left between each liner. Because each liner is installed separately there is very little on-site fabrication required and the cost of construction is kept to a minimum.

The lining materials include a combination of metals, plastics, timber and fibre composite boards so that any intruder would need to employ different tools in order to break through each inner wall – thereby slowing progress. By also filling the spaces between each liner, this would also serve to hamper access and at the same time would improve insulation values.

Our specification for the rooms also includes a glass fibre floor and ceiling, and the construction of the inner wall liner is also designed to act as a fully formed seal that will consolidate the integrity of the environment and protect against the escape of any dangerous material.


The WSC high security laboratory solution is effective in that it surpasses the recommended standards of security against intruders whilst still ensuring the integrity of the room.

The layered, inner multi-wall concept employs less expensive materials, is simpler to construct, easier to install, requires little on-site fabrication and so provides significant economic benefits compared to the alternative stainless steel box proposal.


Case Study 02: Delivering Innovative Safety Cabinets For A Cutting Edge Research Facility

When a world-famous research establishment in Cambridge, England, was planning a new state-of-the-art facility, they didn’t bother putting the critical safety cabinet design, construction and installation out to tender. They simply stated, “We want Walkers to do it!”

Designs for the next generation

Operating to the highest world-class standards, this internationally respected establishment was determined that its new research facility would push the boundaries of excellence to a level previously considered unattainable. Although they were operating on a lesser budget than would normally be expected for the size and sophistication of such a project, the brilliance of the design and the originality of the innovative concepts positioned it ‘light years ahead’ of anything previously achieved.

Our role at WSC was to design and build eleven bespoke safety cabinets that would over-ride the established benchmarks by developing new design concepts capable of satisfying every one of the client’s demanding requirements.

Every box ticked

Following on from a series of briefing meetings where every criterion was examined in minute detail, the WSC team designed the full suite of cabinets. This challenge included having to create eleven individual designs, each of which would be capable of housing a specific piece of scientific equipment, including in some cases, microscopes. Each cabinet also had to satisfy a number of other crucial objectives including height and width restrictions, practical ergonomics and safety considerations. We also had to innovate a number of non-standard, automated fumigation programmes, together with customised ventilation cycles, all of which were vital for the effective implementation of the intended applications and processes.

This highly complex programme involved working closely with all the various designers and contractors responsible for the construction of the building itself, as well as the company’s scientific team. It also included testing the cabinets at various stages of development along with the client’s own personnel before each of the eleven cabinets was completed, installed and commissioned by experienced WSC field engineers.


Although this was an immensely challenging project, we were able to meet every single one of the requirements in terms of quality, performance and process excellence, and the client was happy to ‘sign it off’ as a job well done.

Perhaps just as importantly, the entire project was also completed within budget and ahead of time schedule.


Case Study 03: Solving A Problem And Opening A New World Of Opportunity For Beckman Coulter

Beckman Coulter Inc are without doubt one of the world’s most respected specialists in biomedical applications and especially quantitative analytical cytology, but when they needed a purpose built Class 2 cabinet to house their newly developed MoFlo™ XDP cell sorter technology, they had no hesitation in contacting Walker Safety Cabinets. Now this equipment is in demand all over the world.

Producing a perfect fit

The biggest problem we faced when first confronted with this project, was how on earth would we be able to accommodate all the laser equipment, plus the controls, cabling and access space required into a cabinet that had to sit on a pre-determined and none-too-large table? There were other obvious considerations too, of course. Like how to control the temperature and noise levels, and also how to incorporate effective air flow systems, air change cycles and ventilation controls.

It was only because of our unique experience, outstanding design skills and our engineering excellence that we were able to achieve a solution that satisfied all these requirements.

A tribute to teamwork

Despite all our own specialist attributes, a complex project of this magnitude cannot be resolved in isolation. The WSC design team worked in extremely close partnership with Beckman Coulter’s American designers and technicians, and after a six-month development period everyone was finally satisfied that the WSC MoFlo™ XDP cell sorter cabinet achieved every objective.

If proof of the cabinet’s suitability was required, you only have to look at its outstanding success in the years since it was introduced.

These WSC cabinets, along with the Beckman Coulter MoFlo™ XDP technology are in huge demand across the United States. We also export the cabinets to Canada and Korea as well as other countries, and although we continue to build all the cabinets at our UK headquarters, we also pack them into scientifically approved shipping cases (using fumigated timber for USA trade) before our own engineers meet the cabinets at their destination ready to install and commission them.


When we were first contacted by Beckman Coulter and presented with this challenge, the phrase ‘quart into a pint pot’ immediately sprung to mind. Thanks to our experience and engineering skills however, we were able to solve the problem to everyone’s satisfaction.

This particular cabinet has been an outstanding success and we have installed them into many medical and research centres throughout the USA and other countries.


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