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Our customers don’t just see us as another supplier, instead we become an invaluable problem solver.


Walker Safety CabinetsWalker Safety Cabinets was founded by James Walker in 1989.  James, recognised throughout the world as one of the leading authorities in containment practice, is still at the helm of the company, but he has now been joined by his son, Simon, as technical director.  Based near Manchester, England, the company has its own factory and employs around 30 skilled engineers.  With an eye to the future, the firm is also training a number of engineering apprentices.

The WSC philosophy is that customers place their own lives in the efficiency of the company’s products.  Therefore there is only one standard that is acceptable – everything must be the best it can be.

This uncompromising approach to quality and service has enabled Walker Safety Cabinets to generate a formidable portfolio of clients who include government organisations, medical research agencies, universities, pharmaceutical giants, health protection agencies, and animal health organisations.  Among the more recent research projects the company’s products helped to increase IVF fertility rates up to 79% and they are also widely acclaimed for their role in stem cell research.  Built on this impressive past, Walker Safety Cabinets is now embarking on an equally exciting future.


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